Waste 2 Fresh

Waste 2 Fresh

Providing a modular closed-loop near-zero discharge industrial water recycling system.

A vast amount of water is continuously used in the textile industry. The water is used to process, wash, dilute, heat and cool textile materials, which then pollutes rivers and oceans with wastewater, that contains a range of chemicals and dyes. Waste2Fresh is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project that is bringing an innovative solution to the textile manufacturing industry to address freshwater resource scarcity and industrial water pollution.

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waste 2 fresh cycle diagram

A critical element of the project is the application of our nanobubble expertise.

Reducing pollution

20% of global industrial water pollution comes from textile manufacturing. This pollution contaminates the sea and local watercourses.

The solution

A closed-loop process in which wastewater is collected, recycled and used again. With this in mind, the EU-funded Waste2Fresh project will develop a closed-loop process for textile manufacturing factories.


Nanogentech will lead the development of the nanobubble component of the Waste2Fresh system.

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