Nanogentech Ltd is a pioneer in the development of technology for generating ultra-fine bubbles, sometimes called nanobubbles. This innovative and disruptive technology is initially targeted at saving energy in wastewater treatment around the world and in enhancing crop yields or saving water in agricultural irrigation.

About Us

Our mission

Nanogentech Ltd is a UK-based engineering technology company. Our core team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in engineering, industrial innovation, water and process technology, business development, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance.

We are pioneering the development of ultra-fine bubble technology for water oxygenation and other applications, delivering significant environmental benefits, cost savings and productivity gains across industries including municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, agricultural irrigation, aquaculture, environmental remediation and other areas.

Our mission is to revolutionise gas-exchange delivery to enable more efficient and sustainable processes, as well as opening up new opportunities through deployment of our disruptive technology in application-focused process modules.

The Technology

Multiple applications

Nanogentech’s modular and scalable system is an innovative ultra-fine bubble generator for use in gas-exchange and other applications, where it will disrupt existing technologies and revolutionise associated processes.

Nano-aerated water has been shown to improve soil condition and associated plant health in irrigation and hydroponics, enhancing crop yields.

Aeration is an important process in the aquaculture industry e.g. fish and shellfish farming, providing oxygen as well as improving stock health.

Conventional municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes are inherently energy-intensive; Nano-aerated water offers potential to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Scope for use in environmental remediation applications such as watercourse remediation.

some key facts about our technology

Water aeration

Our process is expected to significantly enhance the aerobic biodegradation of wastewater pollutants.

Retrofit capability

The system will plug and play into existing infrastructures, lowering capital investment costs.

Energy savings

A potential saving of 40-50% in energy costs is estimated when using the system for wastewater aeration.


Significant reductions in CO2 emissions will be produced in wastewater treatment and other applications.

two scientists sitting on the floor surrounded by computer generated bubbles.
Nanobubble Technology

based on sound scientific principles

Nanobubbles have special properties, enabling productivity and efficiency enhancements in a numbers of situations.

Due to very low buoyancy, they stay in the process stream indefinitely, as opposed to conventional aeration where bubbles rise to the surface quickly.

Less air is needed for the same result: 100nm bubbles produce a gas-liquid interface area of 10,000 times that for 1mm bubbles.

Nanobubbles naturally repel one another, compared to larger bubbles which tend to coalesce.

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